Off-roading, Wheres the fun in that?


So a few months back me and some mates decided to go up to the Lake District for a weekend to do some off-roading. We ended up taking two Land Rover Defenders and a Discovery and we had an awesome time ripping them up and down track and scaring the sheep. But why did we have so much fun. When your off-roading you don’t get any speed up, and you don’t fly round corners with the tail hanging out so wheres the fun come from.


Well first of all there was the laughing at our mates when they got stuck. Then there was the time the Discovery and the Defender got stuck very close together. More than that though the Defender got stuck pulling the Discovery out. So from what I could tell it was like a boys own adventure laughing at each others misfortune (nothing like a friendly bit of schardenfreuder). What was more impressive was the trench we left at the camp site when we eventually got the cars out (it was about 3ft deep) needless to say we probably won’t be going back next year.



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