2015 Ford Focus ST

ST 2015

So at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed Ford showed off the “all new” 2015 Focus ST. Otherwise known as Ford showed off a face-lifted version of the current Focus ST. which I think we all expected. The new car comes with the same engine as the current ST, a 2.0 litre turbocharged eco-boost 4 cylinder and it still puts out the same 252 BHP.

So what’s new well on the new car Ford have changed the suspension setup along with the electric steering to give better ride and handling. First of all Ford bin the electric steering as Porsche have found out with the 911 nobody likes it. It completely ruins the feel behind the wheel but hopefully the magicians at Ford can do something great with it, after all these are the guys who brought us the Fiesta ST my car of the year for 2013.

Also rather worryingly there have been rumours circulating about a possible diesel ST. For me this is an interesting idea and not completely horrible. Yes at first look a diesel doesn’t have the power of its petrol equivalent. But what they do have is great torque meaning an awesome launch perfect for the traffic light drag races we all know and love. And Ford are kings of the hot hatch meaning if anyone can pull it off its them. But it would take some incredible knack from Fords scientists in the suspension department to solve the problem of the giant oil burner at the front end.


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