What’s with all the Hybrids


5 years ago hybrids were seen as being pathetic little eco boxes that only celebs and thick people drove (same thing aren’t they) but now even the top end companies are investing in saving the planet. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche’s top cars are all hybrids, now I know I’ve already spoken quite a bit about all three of the cars but now I want to speak about other hybrids and electric cars.


Many companies have very solid eco divisions of course we have the originator of eco, Toyota with their Prius and then we have Honda with their Insight and the even more extreme hydrogen powered Clarity. But then we have the more high end companies such as BMW with the I8 and then luxury gods Rolls Royce with there full electric Phantom.


Now most of these cars are great minus the Prius and the Insight which both manage to look exactly like a steam iron. But when almost all car companies are bringing electric versions of their standard cars such as Ford with the Fiesta and Fiat with the 500, I can see the standalone hybrid dying out and sooner than you think. This I think is a good thing as the very idea of a hybrid is counter productive.

Mount Keith_Nickel_mine 

The nickel for the batteries is mined this creates a lot of acid rain which damages the environment, then the nickel is shipped halfway across the world to be refined into a foam that is then shipped to factories to put in the batteries which then goes into the cars. The Land Rover Discovery whilst being a giant gas guzzling 4×4 is all created in the same country with all the parts coming from within 200 miles of one another and actually works out better for the environment rather than the stupid hybrids.


So there it is the idiocy of the hybrid and don’t get me started on the G-wizz


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