The New Mazda MX5

mx5 3

So the new Mazda MX5 was revealed this week with and along with it the rumour mill was sent flying out of control. Now to save time I will sift through the bullshit and only bring you the things that are confirmed. First of all it hasn’t been made clear whether this is the car that was made in conjunction with Alfa Romeo however I think its safe to say that its most likely this car and a new Alfa Spider will be announced in the coming months.


 And although specs haven’t been officially released I can confirm the car is going to be at least 100Kg lighter than the previous model. From the pictures and the previous generations of MX5 I feel its safe to say that the new MX5 will be going after the fun market going up against things like the Toybaru GT86/BRZ and the Ford Fiesta ST. This is a market I can really get behind and I’m glad the making of cheap fun cars is continuing.

Mx5 2

 The interior is pretty much a standard Mazda interior, well made and pleasant to be in but overall nothing to write home about. Interestingly no hard top variant has been announced (yet) personally I hope one isn’t announced because the MX5 was always great without the roof it’s the classic British sports car (I know its Japanese) harking back to the Triumph TR5 and the MGB. In pictures the engine appears to be behind the front wheels which means better weight distribution for better handling. What am I talking about its an MX5 it’ll handle awesomely.

The new MX5 should be released in 2016


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