Lagonda may return to the UK

Aston lagonda

The Aston Martin Lagonda may return to the UK if recent rumours are true. Astons boss Andy Palmer confirmed that the current Lagonda had only been planned for the Middle east market, but such interest for the car round the world has encouraged Aston to consider bring the Lagonda world wide. The new Lagonda called the Taraf (meaning success in Arabic) has been shown in Oman for final testing in September, it uses the 5.9 litre V12 engine from the Rapide S to power it to an estimated top speed of 175 MPH not bad for a super luxery saloon. All exterior panels are made of carbon fibre not surprising since its about a mile long and is suspected to way upwards of 2 tonnes.


The last time we saw the Lagonda in the UK was way back in 1976 and the car was revolutionary with its wedge shaped design and digital dial which always broke. There are few cars that look as incredible today as they did when they were first unveiled but the original Lagonda manages it greatly. The new Lagonda was only meant for the richest of the rich which is why it was only going to be sold in the Middle east.


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