The Internet Shitbags

Sorry I haven’t posted anything since mid November I’m afraid it has become time to write my dissertation so brain power is a little lacking at the moment.


Internet hate has gotten really out of hand over the years and a recent tweet from a video game journalist, Brian Altano (@agentbizzle on twitter) has got me thinking about the car world, the tweet follows:

“Building is harder than destroying. Complimenting takes more effort than insulting. Creating is tougher than trashing. But its worth it.”

It seems that in today’s world of the Internet there are more and more ways of being creative, me right here on this blog I am being creative, and with YouTube Flickr Instagram and more the possibilities of showing off your work are endless. This goes the same with the car world here are endless different trends to follow, American Muscle, Jap Cars, Euro. It goes on and on. But with this new creative world we live in it means there are also more and more ways to hate on people, it’s the easy way out rather than telling someone good job its much easier to tell someone ‘that’s crap’ I can admit to being guilty of it myself. There are people out there who have built and rebuilt their cars often from the ground up, often this isn’t needed, but they do it because they love it. That is passion. It’s something we all have for things be it cars, video games, food, it can be anything. And if you want to share that with the world via the Internet what right does some anonymous dickhead have to trash it, put you down and make you doubt yourself. I have often had doubts about where I’m heading in this world. Motoring journalism is seen as quite an immature thing to get into because to be honest it’s like playing with giant toys. BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT! I’m going to do what I love because I love it. Don’t let some prick on the internet tell you otherwise, do what you want if you want to put a giant spoiler on your Peugeot 206 go ahead who am I to tell you not to and if you think something looks good tell them nobody hates getting compliments.

And if you are an Internet shitbag commenter I’ve got two words for you


Sorry I’ll be back to car stuff next week I promise


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