The Jim on Cars car of the year is.

So the year of 2014 is coming to a close and its been a big year in the car world, we got to see the fight between the P1 918 and LaFerrari, a fight I don’t think we’ve seen the last of. We saw the biggest threat to the Porsche 911 in the Mercedes AMG GT one of my favourite cars of this year. And of course who can forget we saw the next evolution of an icon, the Mazda MX5.

So here it is my run down of the cars of 2014 and finally the JIM ON CARS 2014 car of the year.

amg gt

  1. First of all we have the Mercedes AMG GT with it 4.0 V8 pushing out 456BHP it is easily the biggest threat to the 911. I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the 911, I even once wrote that it was the most overrated car in history and I’m glad to see Mercedes are finally trying to take the fight to Porsche. Lets be honest the SL was never really up there it was always more of a California cruiser than an out an out sports car but the AMG GT has changed that and frankly is the sports car to beat nowadays.


  1. The only eco car on the list the BMW i8. I must say that the i8 is one of the best looking cars on the road today nothing else looks like the i8 and I think we wont see anything better than it for a while with is edgy good looks its much more aggressive than the more subtle AMG GT.


  1. The first of the big fight this year coming in at number 3 is the Porsche 918 whilst it may be one of the best cars on the road today to drive I still feel the styling is way to calm for a top of the range hyper car. It doesn’t have the angle of the Ferrari or the sleekness of the P1 dare I say it, it looks like a modernised version of the Carrera GT, which we saw nearly 10 years ago.


  1. In at the number 2 spot we have my favourite of the 3 hyper cars the McLaren P1 I have raved about this car ever since I saw it. It’s one of the cars of our generation like the Bugatti Veyron and the Pagani Zonda were in the noughties. It looks are smooth yet aggressive and it will wow you as much on the track as it will on the road the P1 is truly a car to remember.


  1. And finally the JIM ON CARS car of 2014 is… no its not the Ferrari LaFerrari as some of you may have been thinking yes the LaFerrari is a good car but it is by no means legendary, my car of the year is the BMW M4 not much has been heard about the M4 despite the fact that it is a great car. It takes over from the M3 coupe and is truly a worthy successor the looks are great and show that BMW are trying to really push the bracket when it comes to its design department. The M4’s V8 give the sort of low down bellow you’d expect from a Wookie and the amount of fun you can have is truly breath taking just give me the keys and a country road and I may not be seen for days.

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