A Triumph of Design: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Some cars are easily comparable Evo vs Impreza, Focus vs Golf and so on but some cars have no rivals the Tesla Model s is one of those cars. I don’t want to focus on the flaws of its batteries in this post as that has been said a thousand times in a thousand different ways. I want to talk about design.

Model s

The Model S’s design is fantastic its luxury and power all wrapped up in a smooth sleek body that is undeniably gorgeous. Not many cars out there manage to pull of this modern goo look however there are some things outside of the car world that have. The iPhone is a legend of design, it has the same sleek styling of the Model S with all the new technology as well. They are, as the kids would say “brothers from other mothers”.


There are those few companies that create items that not only work but are gorgeous to look at as well. Tesla, Apple, Bang & Olufson all are one of the same. Companies that revolutionise the way we look at consumer products as not just items but art, triumphs of design. They signify the modern age of technology similar as to how the Lamborghini Countach signified the excess of the 80’s.


Nobody in 20 years time is going to look at a Kia and say yes that is gorgeous, it’s a white good like a washing machine or a fridge, they are there to serve a purpose and nothing else Tesla, Apple and the like, continue to create items that you love, not so much items you need but items you want.


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