Ford What have you done

Ford GT

So Ford have had a awesome day however I must admit I’m disappointed in them. Ford used to be a giant in the motoring world that stuck two fingers up at the idea of enviromentally friendlyism, but two of my favourite cars EVER have been ruined with V6’s rather than V8’s. the Ford GT is a legendary car it will go down in the analls of history as a true great. However part of that greatness is the engine. A nice gigantic V8. The GT40 had one and the 2005 GT had one but now for the 2016 GT it has a twin turbocharged V6 putting out 600BHP.

Whoopdy doo

Ford Raptor

Ford you have taken away the GT’s signiture item its greatest part is gone. And then we have the new Ford Raptor. This may not be manys favourite car but it is mine I loved the orginal Raptor it had go anywhere ability but with outright speed aswell. Any you’ve give that a V6 as well. The only V8 Ford revealled was a Mustang GT350 R. that’s great and all but Ford used to be about V8’s they reveloutionised the Muscle car and the supercar. This new GT isnt gonna stick it to Ferrari yes all your cars look good but please Ford Bring back your signiture I beg you.


2 thoughts on “Ford What have you done

  1. noahchara January 31, 2015 / 12:38 AM

    Yes, in the process of adding a V6 instead of a V8, the GT may lose some of its trademark sound, but just look at the Nissan GTR. That has a V6, and well, it’s savagely fast (2.7 seconds from 0-100km/h!) and bubbling with its own unique character . Plus with those looks, it’ll put a GTR to shame. Top review though mate and keep up the good work!

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