The New Honda NSX


So the new Honda/ Acura NSX another car revealed at the recent Detroit Motor show, and Honda fans are going crazy about it. However I don’t think there’s much to shout about. 600 BHP from a Hybrid engine and AWD as well what super car isn’t pushing out those numbers. Its less than the P1 and 918 but more than the Audi R8. However Audi are announcing a new R8 very soon so I think Honda should be worried. Also I don’t think the styling is that impressive either dare I say it boring, its almost looks like a combination of the old McLaren MP4-12C and the current R8 two not that exciting cars to look at.

old nsx

I also don’t think that the new NSX will carry the same prestige of the old one, the old NSX had a chassis tuned by the late great Ayrton Senna something the new car knows nothing about. I don’t think there is a way that the new car could feel the same as the old one, the old NSX was fantastic to drive, you could put it where you want it both on the road and on the track. And that was another great thing about the NSX it was one of the few cars that you could drive everyday nowadays the only cars that manage that are the R8 and the 911 both stiff competition for the new boy.


Will it succeed maybe but I don’t think the new Honda NSX will achieve the same successes that the old car did. There is just too much competition in the current car climate. The new NSX has to beat out the 458 the R8 the 911 the new McLaren 650S and the fantastic Lamborghini Huracan. Why would you look over all those prestigious names and say yes I’m going to buy a Honda.


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