Ford have revealed the new King of the Hot Hatches

New Focus RS

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may have realised that I’m quite a large fan of Fords.(which is why I haven’t mentioned the new Ferrari 458 replacement the 488 GTB more on that soon) I just love the way they have two different styles for different markets, the big brutish V8 cars of the US and the small nippy cars of the European market.

One of the best cars from the European market is the Focus RS, the front wheel drive daddy of the hot hatch market is phenomenal and carries the Rally heritage of the old school Fords.

New Focus RS rear

Ford have just revealed the new RS and frankly it’s much better than Ford’s showing at Detroit a few weeks back (only one V8 come on Ford) the new four wheel drive RS shares its engine with the new Euro Mustang a 2.3 turbo-charged Ecoboost engine pushing out 318BHP.

The New RS is almost certainly going to be the top hot hatch of the year and with a sub £30K price tag is affordable as well. Of course as always the RS’s biggest strength is that underneath all the big brash body kits and spoilers it’s still a Focus arguably the best hatchback on sale today. This also means that the new RS will be comfortable enough and easy enough to drive everyday whilst also being able to set your hair on fire on the track.

Frankly I feel that Ford have made up for the mistakes on the new V6 in the GT with this surely fantastic hot hatch.

Ordered a Civic type R, kept the receipt did you


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