The Problems with Driverless cars


Driverless cars are coming there is no way to get around it they are. However there are a number of problems with them that have to be solved first and of course it’s the legality of them. First of all if a driverless car gets into an accident who is at fault you can’t blame the driver because he/she doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t claim on insurance if there is no clear standing of who was at fault. We will just get a series of court cases with people saying: “I don’t know what happened… the car did it” THAT’S NOT HELPFUL.


Another problem with the Driverless car is the sheer amount of technology in them. I feel sorry for the mechanic who has to service them. Plus due to the amount of technology it seems understandable that service intervals should be more common rather than a yearly MOT. Many different companies are working on the technology from Google to Apple to Ford everybody’s at it, so how can we be sure the technology from different companies interacts in the same way causing a predictable outcome, you can’t. Each company has a different way of doing things and other vehicles don’t understand that vehicles way of thinking.

My final point is if the car does not need a driver, does this mean that the occupant doesn’t need a driving licence. Could you simply send the car to pick up your kids from school while you carry on at home or work? Can you send the car to pick up your shopping and have a shop assistant simply place it in the car for you? All these things need to be sorted along with many more before the Driverless car can really take over.


However Volvo already have a system in place that means you can simply get out of the car and it will go an hunt for a parking space while you carry on with your day. One flaw in that Volvo once I return from whatever I was doing I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE MY CAR IS. Meaning I have to go hunting for 1 Volvo in a see of streets and car parks. Also say you live in a busy city like London your Volvo could have parked miles away from where you are meaning you not only have to find your car you have to trek all the way to it.

Driverless cars are a deeply flawed medium for the moment I don’t doubt they will come to our roads soon but I think the petrol head has some time to savour the pleasure of speeding down a deserted B road before the computer driven cyborg car takes all the fun out of it.


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