A Rolls Royce 4×4 What the Hell!

Rolls Royce 4x4

Photos courtesy of Autocar

So Rolls Royce has decided to make a 4×4, what the hell. It seems that no car company can do what I want them to do at the moment. BMW have started to damage the Rolls name now. First the Wraith, I can guarantee Charles Rolls and Henry Royce would never have allowed a ‘sporty’ Roller. And now with a 4×4 on the way they must be turning in their graves.

Rolls used to be a maker of bespoke luxury cars, cars that were unrivalled both in comfort and attention to detail and it seemed that BMW would continue that philosophy when they brought back the Phantom way back in 2003. It was, and still is a class leader in luxury automobiles.

Rolls Royce Phantom

It feels as though these cheap facsimiles are tarnishing Rolls Royce’s legacy I don’t believe the Ghost, Wraith and this new 4×4 will be remembered in 50 years time, the Phantom however will.

Rolls Royce 4x4 side

Rolls Royce are also avoiding calling the 4×4 an SUV despite the fact that is clearly will be, and will be competing with Bentley’s new SUV the Bentayga which is to be released later this year. The engine for the new 4×4 will likely be an adapted version of the 6.8 litre V12 from the Phantom.

What I really hope is that the new 4×4 won’t be just a rebodied X5 like the Ghost was a rebodied 7 series that would truly be the final nail in the coffin.


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