Red Bull are Sore Losers

Mercedes GP F1  Launch

So the Mercedes F1 team were dominant last season and after the first race in Melbourne it appears they may be again this season. This however has led to Red Bull of all people complaining that its not fair, they have even gone so far to say that the F1 bosses should slow the Silver Arrows down. Are you fucking kidding me, Red Bull you won four seasons on the trot in a completely dominant fashion and now your not winning you want everyone else to slow down. We didn’t hear this coming from the Ferraris and the Williams when Red Bull were winning they just got on with it. Which makes it even more annoying that Formula 1’s resident hobbit, Bernie Ecclestone is actually listening to them and considering taking action against the Mercedes team to make races ‘more exciting’. Yes the races are duller than usual but they are still more exciting than the past four seasons when we had an overrated German winning nearly every race.

Red Bull

At least now we have two drivers fighting for the championship Rosberg and Hamilton are in my opinion two of the best drivers on the grid. I believe that it should be the other teams responsibility to make the races exciting, and I really don’t see what Red Bulls problem is other than them not winning, despite the fact they were the only other team to win a race last season. Riccardo gave us one of the most exciting races I’ve seen at Monza last year, his overtaking manoeuvre on Vettel was incredible. So in conclusion Red Bull suck it up build a better car and stop bitching about losing, you have four world titles, get over it.


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