Women in Motorsport

Danica Patrick News Conference

Equality between men and women should always be important whether it be within the workplace in the home or just generally in life, however one place where women are seriously under used is top-level motorsport. Women are rarely seen in the driving seat of a racing car, they are much more likely to be draped over it for a photo shoot. But why, the cars are getting easier and easier to drive, so why isn’t a women racing in Formula 1 or the BTCC or even the WRC. In the past women drivers were welcomed in racing Pat Moss, sister of Stirling Moss was quite successful in rallying. It seems over time women have been ousted from racing. In F1 there have only been five female racing drivers to start a race since 1958. No woman has ever won a Formula 1 race.

British GP Thursday 03/07/14

It is America surprisingly were we find that motorsport is more welcoming to the female drivers with Danica Patrick racing full time for the Stewart-Haas race team in NASCAR, Patrick has also raced in the American IndyCar series. But whilst Patrick races for a top team she is still forced to appear scantily clad draped over race cars. I don’t think we’d expect Lewis Hamilton to strip down to his pants and lie on a car, so why do we expect it of the women drivers. Suzie Wolf the Williams test driver and Carmen Jorda the Lotus test driver have both been involved in similar photo shoots. At what point do women become as respected as men in Motorsport. Whilst it is a male dominated sport there is no reason for no female drivers racing.

Carmen Jorda


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