Project Cars: Is it any Good

Project Cars is the new racing game from Slightly Mad Studios. Now of you think that Forza Motorsport is a serious racing game Project Cars will blow you mind. Project cars is predominantly race cars with the odd road car and super car thrown into the mix as well. For this kind of game the car list is quite small, especially when compared to the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza. But saying that I wasn’t wanting for anything, there is particular lacking in Japanese cars and Classic American Muscle though. However where this game really shines is the track list. From the wide open Californian Highways to the tight twists of the Nordschleife. The Kart tracks in both Dubai and Glencairn are especially enjoyable. As I said at the start I think Project Cars is more serious than Forza, there is no rewind feature which since I had gotten used to it being their I began to find frustrating, I’d be in the lead on the final corner and spin out losing the whole race or restarting. But I began to enjoy this as it taught me to be a better driver overall.

How does it compare to Gran Turismo I hear you say, well that’s tough to say, from my experience I found the features of Project Cars to be quite comparable with Gran Turismo, but the fact that we haven’t has a Gran Turismo on current gen consoles yet I cant really compare them that easily. The graphics I think are probably better in Project cars, but they are both still behind Forza Motorsport in that department. In the marketplace I think that Project Cars fits neatly in between Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, its not as arcady as Forza but its not quite as serious as Gran Turismo. This frankly is an excellent place to market especially as Project cars is on both consoles whereas the others aren’t.

So would in recommend you buy Project Cars, well if you find Forza a little too arcady for your liking but your not up for the hardcore racing of Gran Turismo I’d get Project Cars, it bridges the gap between them and with monthly car updates I doubt the car list problem will be around for long.

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