The Return of TVR


I spoke last week about the return of the sport car, and this week I’m talking about the return of one of the greats TVR.

I never really cared about TVR during their final years, I always recognised that they were cheap loud and fast, and nothing more. But after they died I did start to care about them again, I would look up old Sagaris and Tuscans on ebay wondering if I could afford one. It was sort of a, you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone situation. Finally there does appear to be hope for the old girl though from none other than Gordon Murray, yes of McLaren F1 fame. The new rumours going round are that the TVR name will return to our roads, with a Murray designed body and a Cosworth V8 engine.

So it sounds as if it will be more of the same good looking and fast, the rumoured price tag for the 2017 car is between £55,000 and £85,000. Hopefully this will mean good things for not only the company but also the employees up in Blackpool. I really hope TVR returns there as they were born there and they died there its only right to re-invigour the old girl back in her hometown. The involvement of both Gordon Murray and Cosworth also brings an air of prestige to the brand, and if Murray sees a future for the brand it’s a good sign for everybody.

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