Forza and Need For Speed are Coming Back

Car fans are a thriving breed, and many car fans have been around since they were young. Generally that car passion is brought in through either their parent or sometimes even motorsport/ TV. But there is a third way, a third way that is getting more and more common as technology improves, Video Games.

There are two schools of think in this genre, the hardcore track simulator and the more arcady street racing style. Well the kings in these genres have always been Forza Motorsport and Need For Speed respectively. And yesterday the new breed of these games was shown off at E3 Forza during the Microsoft press conference and NFS during the EA conference. Now I am a fan of both these games and the new incarnations of the franchises are looking fantastic.

First of all Need For Speed, EA have been saying that the new game will be going back to the franchises roots. Those roots being NFS Underground, this means that modifying is finally back, in the trailer shown brands like Rocket Bunny were shown off on a Subaru BRZ and that will only be the start of it. I was such a fan of the early NFS games and seeing them going back to their roots is great news. All I need now is a great story something similar to the original Most Wanted were you build yourself up from the streets to take over the city. Need for Speed will release on November 3rd 2015.

Forza was shown off in the Microsoft’s conference and they even wheeled out the new Ford GT with Henry Ford the third to go with it. Forza has been top of the tree for a while now after it overtook Gran Turismo and now they are streaking ahead (especially as we haven’t even seen Gran Turismo 7 yet). The new trailer showed much of the same that we’ve come to expect from Forza and is to be released on 15th September 2015.

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