Hellcat not man enough for you what about the Hellcat X

Hellcat X

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has been the muscle car to have for a while now, its 707BHP has roared it to many a traffic light drag race I don’t doubt. With a top speed of 200MPH it can only be described as incredible. Dodge however think they can still improve on it though, how does 805BHP sound? The Hellcat X has been made as a special edition for a charity raffle called Dream Giveaway. Whilst only one has been built the big boys at Dodge must be thinking about making more. The demand is most certainly high enough.

The power has been added by two turbos strapped to the 6.2 litre V8, yes that means that the Hellcat X is both turbo charged and supercharged, give dodge enough time they might add an electric motor and make it electric charged. To be honest the 800lb ft of torque is probably just enough to spin the earth the other way with a fast get away. Various aero mods have also been added including a new front splitter and a new rear spoiler along with a new rear diffuser, wrap it all up with some matt black paint and there you have it your new drag monster.


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