The Lotus Evora 400

Evora 400

Lotus revealed a new version of the Evora at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year and recently announced the convertible of it as well. The Evora 400 is set to go into production in August and will have a 400BHP V6. Lotus has been quite quiet recently, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy, rumours are that we will see a new Elise and Exige as early as next year.


The Evora has always seemed to be quite a forgettable car, all larger Lotus’s have been since the Espirit (and yes the rumours are still swirling about a new Espirit), the Europa was so forgettable that nobody even bought one. It seems the public only want Lotus to make the Elise and Exige, similar to the way many people only want Porsche to make the 911. Lotus doesn’t really fit into the luxury world of BMWs and Mercedes, they’ve always been the plucky British underdog that’s always forgotten. The Evora was actually a very good car, and has the best ride of any car in its class, but it never captured the imagination and love of the buyers.

Evora 400 Roadster

The Evora 400 is also set to take the US by storm in January 2017, which is a gamble for Lotus who have never sold amazingly over there, the roadster is expected to fill more than half their orders in the US, this is due to convertibles in this sector out selling there hardtop brothers. The UK version of the Evora 400 goes on sale in January 2016 with the roadster expected in July.

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One thought on “The Lotus Evora 400

  1. Artalos January 12, 2016 / 4:38 PM

    I love the evora 400… Such a cool car 🙂

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