So Car Hacking is now a thing

Jeep Hackers

Last week, a pair of hackers set out to prove that they could hack into and control a car, thankfully the driver knew what was going to happen as it was organised by Wired Magazine. But how scary is it to know that someone could actively try to take control of your car. It’s even more scary when you realise that driverless cars are about to take to the roads. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek were the guys hacking the Jeep Cherokee, and they managed it all through the entertainment system.


Driverless cars are said to be the next big thing and yet with these cars you have no steering wheel to control it, the hackers could just smash you straight into the back of the truck your following, they could lock your doors and drive you into a lake, or they could just kidnap you by changing your destination, Crime just became a lot easier. Whilst the hackers of the Wired Jeep were friendly what if they weren’t. As the dawn of the driverless car comes ever closer more and more questions are being asked with no answers being given.


The Fiat Chrysler group has been forced to recall 1.4 million cars because of the hack. Whilst the key to this hack was the entertainment system in the cars, new more innovative hackers will almost certainly find a way to take control through other means. That’s an even scarier thought though, the Jeep that was hacked was just a normal car, the car your driving right now could be hacked at any moment sending you spiralling out of control.


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