Peugeot is to reveal the ugliest car in the world at Frankfurt

Peugeot Fractal

Peugeot have essentially just given up now. Nobody buys their cars so they just aren’t trying, the Fractal (should probably be called the Fractured) is to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor show this month. I’m sorry this car looks like its already been crashed its hideous. The car is a two door, four seat concept, and has been described by Peugeot as a Urban Coupe. (As opposed to what a Country coupe?)

Peugeot Fractal Back

Two electric motors are driving the uglimobile one in each axle, which gives the car 335BHP and a not bad range of 280miles, just short of a Tesla. Its good the range of electric cars is increasing but why put the technology in such an ugly car, which nobody would want to be seen in it makes no sense.

Peugeot Fractal Interior

Tesla won the electric car race by teaming spectacular design, speed and technology. Despite the flawed premise of electric cars it seems they will be the future whether I like it or not. But you aren’t going to win me over with hideous machines like the Peugeot Fractal.


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