Mazda reveal Speedster and Spyder MX5’s

Mazda MX5

Mazda have revealed two new concepts at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The MX5 Speedster and the MX5 Spyder were both revealed. The Spyder is roughly a standard 2016 MX5, but instead of the standard folding roof, it features a bikini top. The Spyder tips the scales at just over a tonne in weight. And features a sleek mercury silver exterior with brown leather interior, to match the bikini roof. The Spyder features various aerodynamic accessories along with lightweight 17-inch Yokohama ADVAN Racing RS II wheels. Overall nothing to get excited about, it may be released as a special edition further into the MX5’s life cycle.

MX5 Spyder

What you should get excited about is the MX5 Speedster, similar to past speedsters its unlikely to make production, but with rumours of the Mini Superleggera maybe making production in the future, the Speedster would be a perfect rival for it. The Speedster is a fully striped back version of the MX5, weighing just under a tonne, they’ve removed the windscreen, and given the car carbon fibre doors and seats. Mazda say it was based around vintage roadsters. They wanted to recreate the classic wind in the hair feelings of the past. (I thought that was what all convertibles were for) and with removing the windscreen they also added the lovely taste of bugs in the teeth.

MX5 Speedster

Overall I doubt either of these cars will see production, not anytime soon at least but they are at least exciting glimpses into what could be. But the Lotus 2-Eleven made production and I never saw that coming, the Speedster is remarkably similar to that, why not? It would undoubtedly sell, provided they kept production low, they could create a true limited edition sports car, not some mass produced plastic track day car.

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