The Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Much Better Than I Thought

I’ll be honest when I heard Range Rover were going to build a convertible version of their Evoque, I thought that’s a stupid idea no ones going to take a convertible off road. Then I thought about it for a bit, no ones going to take an Evoque off road either convertible or hard top. Once I had gotten over this problem I managed to see that the Evoque is actually quite a good idea.

RR Evoque Convertible

When the Evoque launched, it had a special Victoria Beckham option, this is exactly the market the Evoque is aimed at, not the off road nutters that Land Rovers are usually aimed at, the most off road an Evoque will ever go is driving off a muddy polo field. The Evoque is for the WAGS of this world and the rich young Chelsea socialites. This is why a convertible version is perfect, it allows them to be just that little more showy offy, that’s why they like the Bentley Continental so much it just has a presence to it that oozes money.

RR Evoque Convertible 2

The new Evoque convertible will only be available in the higher specs of the Evoque range, the Dynamic and the Dynamic HSE trim levels, powered by the 178bhp TD4 diesel engine or the slightly more powerful 237bhp turbocharged Si4 petrol engine. As with all convertibles the Evoque is heavier than its hard top counterpart with an extra 270KG of bracing added in. the Evoque goes on sale next spring starting at £47,500.


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