The Beach Buggy Returns

Beetle Dune

Well it seems I was wrong, it seems that the beach buggy is coming back. What with Citroen showing off the new C4 Cactus Mehari at the Geneva Motor show this year, and now VW announcing a new VW Beetle Dune at the recent LA auto show, they seem to be returning rather quickly. Whilst I still think that the C4 Cactus Mehari is a stupid idea (its got no back doors for god sake) I am much more interested in the VW Beetle Dune.

Beetle Dune interior

The Dune has been rumoured for a long time now and VW finally pulled the covers off it at the LA Auto show, possibly to distract people from the recent emissions scandal. The Dune is set for release in the US in early 2016 and in Europe later in the year. The Dune is available in both convertible and hard top models and rather than being the beach cruiser we all wanted VW say it is much more of a crossover vehicle.

Beetle Dune Reaer

Other than the exterior changes and slight interior tweaks (sports seats and a new dash) most of the Dune sticks with the current Beetle platform. This includes the engines with three turbo petrol engines and two diesels ranging from 104BHP to 217BHP.




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