Faraday future reveals the FFZERO1 at CES



Faraday Future, an electric vehicle start up company recently revealed the concept for the FFZERO1 at CES in Las Vegas this week. Not much is known about Faraday Future, at one point they were even thought to be a cover company for Apples new car project. However the new concept, an electric supercar is designed to put a spotlight on the electric supercar and show the public and investors what they can do.

FFZERO1 side

Although the FFZERO1 will sadly remain a concept car, it was designed to show what Faraday Future’s production vehicles would eventually look like, and they are expected to appear in 2018. The FFZERO1 boasts an amazing battery set up that allows the batteries to be added in strings. Its also available in two or four wheel drive and boasts three separate electric motors.


The FFZERO1 has an impressive power output of 986BHP giving it a sub three second 0-60 time and a top speed of over 200MPH. The FFZERO1 also comes with all the inputs for it to be a driverless car. The exterior of the car is made up of carbon fibre and composites, and is designed to be lightweight. The FFZERO1 also has the ability to go racing as the cockpit is designed to have both water and air tubes posted straight to the driver, this accompanies the single seat design and a new head restraint system. Don’t expect to see the FFZERO1 on the roads for a very long time, but it does show a bright start for Faraday Future.


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