The Land Rover Defender, Goodbye old Friend

Land Rover Defender

And so it ends, the Land Rover Defender has ceased production for the first time in 68 years. That is a legendary run, and I feel sorry for the so-called replacement, the DC100. It may be a very good car but in the eyes of the enthusiast it will never live up to the greatness that is, sorry was the Defender. I doubt Morris Wilkes, original designer of the Defender ever thought that nearly 70 years later his car would still be in production. Whilst the rest of the Land Rover cars increased in size and luxury turning from true off roaders into the suave luxurious beasts we see today, the Defender always stayed a simple small off roader more capable than any of its competitors, a symbol of Britain.

Land Rover DC100

The Defender will stand alongside the all time British greats, cars like the Mini, the Jaguar E-Type, cars that people will remember 50 years from now, and crave purely as collectible pieces. By the looks of it now the DC100 wont last 10 years, let alone the rest. Land Rover are making a mistake in replacing the Defender, because above all else the Defender was simple, I guarantee the DC100 will end up with tons of electronics that it wont need, and to quote Jeremy Clarkson “You push a little button and a light comes on… I want a lever that goes kerplunk, and that’s what you get in the Defender”.

Land Rover Defender Moor

I have faith in Land Rover they make some great cars, but they are built for the city rather than the country, they may be able to go off road but you’d never want to risk scratching the paint, what would they say then if you turned up at the golf club with a huge scratch down the side of your Range Rover. Whereas in a Defender you can simply cover it in mud and then drive all over the golf course tearing up the lawn.

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