BMW Mark 100th birthday with the BMW Vision Next 100 concept


BMW Vision Next 100

So BMW have marked their 100th birthday this week with a new concept car, the BMW Vision Next 100, quite a mouthful isn’t it. Well the VN100 as I will call it isn’t the best looking car, nor is it the fastest, what it is though is yet another autonomous car that BMW say is designed to retain the personal connection between car and driver. Which believe it or not I think is a good idea, despite the fact that technically a driverless car has no driver.

BMW Vision Next 100 2

BMW have a habit of making great cars, the M2 is fantastic and its big brothers even more so, so I don’t doubt that over the next 100 years BMW will strive to continue to revolutionise the way we drive and the way we feel about cars.

BMW Vision Next 100 4

Whilst the VN100 isn’t the best looking BMW ever particularly in this shade of brown the technology underneath it is incredible. The body actually morphs as you drive along to improve aerodynamics, the VN100 also features two driving settings Ease mode that allows the driver to sit back and relax in the spacious white and brown interior, and boost mode, which allows the drivers input and also allows the car to learn the drivers habits with a ‘companion mode’.

BMW Vision Next 100 3

Overall I don’t like the VN100, but I do like the technology behind it, whilst most companies are trying to build solely driverless cars, BMW are trying to keep the driver involved in the experience rather than excluding them completely. There are certainly exciting times in BMW’s next 100 years.


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