Vauxhall GT Coupe to make production, I doubt it

Vauxhall GT Coupe 2

The stunning Vauxhall GT Coupe revealed at the Geneva Motor show could make production, Vauxhall however say they lack the design platform to create the a rear drive sports car such as the GT Coupe. To solve this Vauxhall have decided to have their engineers try to squeeze the 4 wheel drive system from the Mokka SUV into the tiny sports car, rather than design a bespoke rear drive layout that Vauxhall could carry over into their new cars. this sounds like Vauxhall pinching pennies to create the GT Coupe rather than putting full faith in the car which is disappointing.

Vauxhall GT Coupe 1

The GT Coupe isn’t likely to be seen on the roads until at least the end of 2017 by which time the competitors will likely have moved on from the GT86/BRZ and the Fiat 124 Spyder. This makes Vauxhall quite behind the times in terms of sports cars, especially as they haven’t really been in the game since the outlandish Calibra Turbo of the 90’s. without the full support of the Vauxhall leadership it is unlikely we will ever see the GT Coupe on the roads, and far more likely we will see it quietly killed off towards the end of the year.


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