Yet another blow for Volkswagen


VW Toureg

Volkswagen have been dealt yet another blow after another recall was issued for the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. The two cars, which share a platform have been found to have defective pedal mechanism. The problem is said to affect more than 17,000 Touaregs in the UK and more than 14,000 Cayennes.

Porsche Cayenne.jpg

Porsche have released a statement in which they say: “The problem was found during internal inspections and remedied in the ongoing series. Vehicle owners will be contacted directly by the Porsche dealer responsible for them. A workshop appointment that will be free of charge will be arranged as quickly as possible and will take less than half an hour.”

VW Golf R

This comes after the emissions scandal which is bring VW to its knees, with estimated fines of £28 billion coming their way soon from the US. That is without taking into account the price of a recall as well. More than 600,000 cars were affected by the defeat device in the US alone. VW has struggled to come back from the scandal even after a complete rehash of the company slogan from ‘Das Auto’ (the Car) to simply Volkswagen.

Its unlikely VW will close any time soon however this is yet another blow to an already struggling company, how many more blows can VW take before they are forced to shut up shop for good?

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