The Rolls Royce Phantom just got a bit more special


Rolls Royce Phantom Zenith 2

So the Rolls Royce Phantom will finally cease production at the end of the year and will end the run of a car that has been going since 2004. The Phantom was one of the last truly luxurious cars, now a luxury car is just full of leather and technology. The Phantom was one of the old breed that was just simple wood and leather, built to an unbelievably high standard, the Phantom will remain an icon. To celebrate the end of production Rolls Royce have sold 50 special edition Phantoms, known as the Zeniths.

Rolls Royce Phantom Zenith 1

So how do you make an uber luxury car even more luxurious, well Rolls have added a larger fridge capable of taking two bottles of Champagne, a glass shelf for the rear tailgate, and to put a cherry on top a bespoke version of the Rolls Royce picnic hamper. Badges have also been added to signify each cars build number, and another set of badges giving the exact location it was built in the Goodwood Factory. Each Zenith is available in either coupe of drophead form and whilst prices haven’t been revealed it will be more than the £338,616 of a standard Phantom coupe. Sadly all 50 of the Zeniths have been sold thus signifying the end of the Phantom, but it is certainly a special send off for a very special car.

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