Renault to unleash sporty new Clio at Monaco Grand Prix


Renault Clio RS

Renault are set to reveal the new hottest version of the Clio, a special version of the Clio RS. Patrice Ratti, Managing Director of Renault Sport Cars, said: “We successfully completed the project of a slightly crazy car. It was a joint effort by the Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing teams. This Clio R.S. refines the expertise of Renault Sport engineers whilst exploring new avenues for the future”.

The new RS is expected to have the engine and running gear from the current Renault Megane RS, which could mean upwards of 271 BHP from the 2.0 litre unit . the bodywork for the new Clio is expected to be rather extreme by the looks of the only image Renault released (see above) with an aggressive rear spoiler and a rather svelte front splitter only 500 of them are expected to be made and are looking to go up against the likes of the Fiesta ST (or the long rumoured Fiesta RS).

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