Ford ‘Unboxes’ The New Ka+

So Ford unveiled the new Ka+ in a rather strange video on their YouTube channel. (which you can see above) now the original Ka was different from anything else on the road from multi coloured body work, to the sweeping dash that was really exciting way back in the mid 90’s. The second generation Ka however was a disappointment, built off the Fiat 500 platform as all small cars seemed to be it just looked like a smaller Fiesta, there was nothing different about it nothing interesting, and overall completely forgettable.

This new generation of Ka however is following the same lines as the previous generation, a car with completely forgettable looks and the same old 1.2 litre engine we’ve seen for a while from Ford, available in two levels, the ‘Studio’ for £8,995 or the more powerful version for £10,295. This Ka+ is taken straight from the south American markets and is not designed to replace the current Ka, just to fill a gap in the market, similar in a way to the VW Golf and Golf Plus.

I don’t imagine the Ka+ doing great, the car is completely forgettable from its unimaginative looks (it looks like a Dacia Sandero) to its old engine layout, there is very little to be excited about this car for.

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