Land Rover is stealing the F-Pace


Range Rover Sport Coupe 1

The Jaguar F-Pace is a great car, fast comfortable and filled with the luxury only Jag could provide, that may be about to change though. Land Rover are planning on launching a new X6 rivalling Range Rover Sport Coupe, the car is said to be based off of the F-Pace’s design and could look frighteningly similar if spy shots are to be believed.

RR Sport Coupe

Underneath everything the RR Sport Coupe and the F-Pace will be the same, expect just a rebadged F-Pace if anything. The Sport Coupe is designed to sit in between the RR Sport and the Evoque with prices to match, although Autocar suggest that the RR Sport Coupe may have an electric option using the jaguar developed I-Pace EV system, but a hybrid powertrain is also expected along with the normal engines.

RR Sport Coupe 2

Whatever the RR Sport Coupe turns out to be it will most definitely another Chelsea tractor that will never turn a wheel off road in its life, similar to the F-Pace, these kinds of vehicles are just used to prove your status, with none of them actually being used for what their meant for. And unfortunately it looks like the new Defender is set to join this family of expensive luxury based on road giants.

(Photos courtesy of AutoCar)

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