Ken Block goes back to his roots in Gymkhana 9 Raw industrial playground


So the latest of Ken Blocks Gymkhana videos is up online, and frankly I’m a little disappointed, Gymkhana 9 as you see above see Block go back to his early Gymkhana videos, big open disused industrial area, 600BHP Focus RSX and extreme driving. Over the years Kens videos have gotten bigger and bigger with larger and larger spectacles taking place in LA San Francisco and even Abu Dhabi and what has been consistently great is the driving and stunts performed during it.

But as the budgets have gotten bigger and bigger, so have the expectations, I had expected to be amazed by the new and unique stunts performed, but I was completely underwhelmed, maybe I have come to expect too much from his videos. Block did donut around a Ford Raptor suspended from a chopper, which was impressive, but then he donutted close to water and drifted in front of a train, both things I’ve seen before, and frankly seen done better.

Ken has lost the ability to shock me I think, I expect bigger and bigger stunts to the point where it’s impossible for the videos to deliver. Hopefully this film was just a misstep and in Gymkhana 10 (or X as it will almost certainly be called) he finds a way to step his game up. But sadly this video wasn’t one of his best. But here it is anyway.

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