The Mini Clubman gets the JCW Treatment



The Mini Clubman is now more powerful and sportier than ever. the Mini Clubman has been given a going over by the John Cooper works team, to create a car that BMW say: “Offers all the style, practicality and fresh-thinking of the Clubman, combined with the high performance and sporting dynamics of the John Cooper Works range.” The New JCW Clubman boasts an impressive 231BHP from the new 2-litre turbocharged engine, 39 more than the standard Cooper S. The larger intercooler on the JCW gives the added bonus of 350nm of torque.


However all the sporty new upgrades don’t mean Mini have forgotten about the emissions. The JCW Clubman reaches a respectable 38.2MPG with CO2 output of 168g/km however if the optional 8-speed sports steptronic gearbox is fitted the Mini gets boosted to 41.5MPG and only 154g/km certainly a worthy option. The new Clubman JCW also features a unique four wheel drive system allowing the car to reach peak performance in all road conditions. The system along with the aid of launch control allows the Clubman JCW to get to 62MPH in 6.3 seconds.


The Clubman JCW sees all the suspension upgrades you expect to see on a quick Mini, variable suspension options with Sport, Mid and Green. Sport mode also increases the sensitivity of the throttle pedal along with providing a louder engine sound through the vehicle acoustics. Brakes have been upgraded as well with the Clubman JCW seeing 4 piston calipers from brake specialists Brembo.


As you’d expect the upgrades aren’t just underneath the body, the exterior has received the sporting treatment with the addition of complete new front face with intakes in the place of the standard Clubman’s fog lights directing cool air to the cars brakes. Unique sills roof spoiler and rear apron have been added to reduce aerodynamic lift. And of course not forgetting the smattering of JCW badges across the whole car, on the sills the front wing indicators and the front grill.


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