BMW Z5 spotted at the Nurburgring



Whilst the BMW was quietly killed off last year, there is hope at last for those of fans of the BMW convertible, the BMW Z5, the supposed successor to the Z4 has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring. The two door convertible is unlikely to be unveiled till the later part of 2017 at the earliest, but already its possible to gleam some details about the new car.


Rumours suggest that the Z5 will come with an optional 4 wheel drive system and hybrid propulsion system similar in a way to that of the new Honda NSX. The front face of the Z5 features the same kidney style grills people have come to love about BMWs along with the stretched bonnet harking back to early sports cars. The Z5 is likely to go on sale in early 2018. Whilst final looks of the car are unlikely to have been set as of yet, it is unlikely the rear lights seen in the images are final due to them being seen on many BMW test cars of varying degrees of completion.


The new Supra is also to be based on a similar platform to the Z5 after BMW and Toyota announced a partnership between the two companys to build a new sports car. The Z5 is to be a convertible with the new Supra being a coupe.

Images courtesy of Autocar

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