BMW Bring the DTM M4 to the road


bmw-m4-dtm-2To celebrate Marco Wittmann winning the DTM drivers title for 2016, BMW have announced that they will be bringing the racing M4 to the road in the form of the M4 DTM Champion edition. A 500BHP monster, the M4 DTM is a barely disguised racecar, featuring a full roll cage and racing seats along with upgraded engine and suspension, the M4 DTM is the closest you’ll get to driving a touring car on the road. The M4 DTM has a very quick 0-62 time of 3.8 seconds and can go on to a top speed of 190MPH.


The BMW, which will only be available in BMW’s signature Alpine white also features a number of aerodynamic upgrades bringing it more in line with the M4 Touring car: “These include the front splitter, the aero flicks positioned in front of the front wheel arches, exterior mirror caps, side skirt attachments, a rear diffuser as well as the large rear wing firmly mounted on the boot lid.” Although the M4 DTM is essentially a race car for the road, BMW have still kept all the comforts the modern driver expects from their car, Sat Nav, air conditioning and even parking sensors are all fitted as standard. Sadly we’ll only see 200 of these cars made making it incredibly exclusive, the price for such an impressive car rings in a £135,000.


The M4 DTM also features full adjustable suspension giving the driver the ability to adjust it to their personal preference. The engine, a 500BHP monster also puts out an impressive 442 lb-ft of torque, meaning the car is just as much a beast on the track as the racecar itself. BMW describe the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition as a: “high-performance coupe with a focus on racetrack deployment and an exceptional collector’s item.”

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