Mercedes reveal the concept for the X-Class pick up


Mercedes have revealed the first concept for their new pickup truck, called the X-Class. The X-Class was revealed in two different specs, one a rugged off road design with a raised ride height and off road wheels and tyres, the second was a much sleeker road going design retaining big chunky alloys we’ve seen on other Mercedes.


The road going X-Class dubbed a ‘stylish explorer’ by Mercedes uses a much more street focused style, with wide wheel arches that engulf the 22-inch alloys and low profile street tyres. The double cab features on both concepts with a luxurious interior for both models, Mercedes say that both cars feature, “A continuous LED light strip in a slim chrome surround on the tailgate. It points to the unique character of the future pickup.” Mercedes are aiming to change the game with the new X-Class, they don’t want to be the everyday builders truck, they want to be the managers truck, not only a stylish exterior, but a rugged durability giving the car the go anywhere ability of its competitors, the Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger.


The off road specced X-Class ditches the 22-inch alloys in favour of off road tyres, dubbed the ‘powerful adventurer’ by Mercedes this version of the X-Class is what Mercedes see as their off road version, whilst both have the ability and capability to go off road, the powerful adventurer is the vehicle Mercedes see as the go anywhere off road beast, that people will trek through the amazon or go to the north pole with, in actuality though its far more likely it will never even see a dirt track, for fear of scratching the paint.


And here lies the problem with a Mercedes pick up truck. Pick up trucks get beaten and bashed and bullied every day of their lives, a Mercedes cruises the motorways of the country in upmost comfort. That is exactly what the X-Class will do, in either form. They may design it to go off road, to dominate the desert and scale the Himalayas. But the fact is they won’t, they’ll be trapped on the M25 like every other SUV and pseudo off road car. And its all thanks to price, Mercedes have only said that the X-Class will be available at an ‘attractive’ price, meaning upwards of £40,000 or you could get a half decent builders truck for say £15,000 tops, and it will have all the carrying capacity and off road capability of the X-Class but if you scratch it, its no harm done, rather than a £4,000 respray of the whole car.

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