McLaren 650S successor spotted


The supposed replacement for the McLaren 650S has been spotted testing in the south of Europe this week. The replacement is expected to be called the P14 and is to mimic its bigger brother the P1. Whilst still in the early days of development (the car isn’t expected till 2018) the P14 will have a new more developed version of McLarens carbon tub chassis design. Power is also expected to come from the current 3.8 litre V8 from the 650S albeit with more power and torque. Although AutoCar speculates that it may have less than the 666BHP number of the 675LT, so as to not steel a market from the exclusive special edition.


From the images its difficult to ascertain the look of the car, but the lights have been adapted to LED’s rather than the McLaren logo shaped units of McLarens current models. The McLarens rivals are no slouches so its expected for the P14 to reach speeds of over 205MPH and a sub 3.0 second 0-62 time. Whilst McLaren deny that the images are of the new P14, saying it is merely a development mule, analysts are convinced that the new car is the P14.

Images courtesy of AutoCar

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