Young Drivers are some of the safest drivers



When you think of a young driver who’s just passed their test, what do you think of? A maxxed out Citroen Saxo with music so loud the windows fall out, that guy speeding past you on the motorway doing half the speed of sound, or maybe even the girl who pulled out on you on the round about causing you to slam on your brakes. Well as it turns out you were all wrong, a new study has found that drivers in the 17-24 age bracket only accounted of 7.69% of speeding offences in the past 12 months.


The statistics showed that out of 754,187 speeding offences in the last year only 57,993 offences were from people in the 17-24 age bracket. The highest offenders were aged between 45 and 54 with 189,912 offences between them. The least likely to speed were those over 75 with only 28,393 offences in that age bracket.


However of the 2.7 million young drivers on the road aged between 17 and 24 just 2.14% of them were caught speeding in the last 12 months meaning they only came 4th on the list of offenders with 45-54 age bracket coming in 3rd with 2.2%, 35-44 in 2nd with 2.36% and the worst drivers on the road appear to be the 25-34 age bracket with 2.4 % being caught speeding in the last 12 months.

Don’t expect your insurance premiums to change any time soon young people out there, but it’s certainly a positive thing for the reputation of young drivers. Whilst there are still a few bad apples in the group the statistics show that whilst we may have the reputation of being the worst offenders on the road it is in fact untrue.

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