Ferrari J50 unveiled in Japan


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Ferrari has unveiled a new limited run supercar special edition in Japan this week. Called the J50 the new model based on the 488 is meant to celebrate 50 years of the company in Japan. The impressive looking machine uses most of the underpinnings from the 488 but the engine has an output of 690BHP 30 more than the 488. Sadly only ten of the J50 will be made and are to be sold to ‘loyal Ferrari customers’.


The J50 also sees the return of the Targa roof style reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s Ferraris. The J50 features a lower front end thanks to Ferrari moving the radiators closer together, engineers also lowered the windscreen rail to allow more air to get the rear spoiler thereby creating more downforce. There are nods to older Ferraris all over the J50, bonnet vents from the F50, a black line down the side reminiscent of the 288 GTO and F40, and sloping rear windows which Ferrari say are designed to remind people of their competition Barchettas, these create a helmet visor effect. At the rear of the car Ferrari have taken inspiration from jets rather than cars as they are meant to look like afterburners. Prices and specs for the J50 are yet to be revealed.

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