The Audi Q8: Bigger isn’t always better

Audi Q8 concept

Is your Q7 just not big enough? Do you feel the poor could be even more jealous of you in your £100,000 SUV? Well good news as Audi have just announced the absolutely enormous Q8. Making a move similar to that of BMW with the X5 and X6, Audi have created a big high riding SUV but with the attempted good looks of a sleek coupe. The result is this monstrosity, the Q8 is an example of Audi’s new attention to excess. Being over 5 metres in length and 1.7 metres tall the Q8 will be one of the biggest cars on the roads when it makes production in 2018.

Audi Q8 concept

The Q8 does has a problem with its looks, because it is so big everything has had to be over sized and stretched, just look at that grill it looks like Jaws from the old Bond films. Despite Audi wanting the car to look like a high riding sleek coupe the rear doesn’t slope nearly enough, looking more like an A1 than an A5. The Q8 does boast some good points though, its hybrid technology when teamed with the 3.0 litre TFSI engine produces an impressive 450BHP with 516lb-ft of torque this gives the giant a 0-62 time of 5.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 155MPH. Despite its huge size and obvious weight problems thanks to the plug in hybrid system the Q8 manages an impressive 122MPG and on solely electric power has a range of 37 miles with a full recharge taking about two and a half hours.

Audi Q8 concept

Even with the Q8’s enormous size it is still only a four seater rather than the more practical five with the rear roofline almost certainly being a literal head ache for anyone as generously proportioned as the Q8 itself. But due to the four seat configuration the rear passengers do get quite a funky centre console and much more room horizontally than they would in a five seater the Q8 is also a sign of a much welcomed update to the interior in general, as good as Audi interiors are they have become stale and similar in every car they make. Although this is only a concept at the moment the production model may change but it is expected in 2018 so expect changes to be minimal.

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