Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: The Hellcat went home and brought back its daddy


The Dodge challenger Hellcat is an insane car, a reliable 700 horsepower that will turn tyres into dust at a moments notice. Whilst corners may not be the Hellcats best friend on any piece of straight road the Hellcat is faster than most, and those that are quicker cost more than your house. But Dodge have decided that the Hellcat just isn’t crazy enough, its not loud enough it’s not fast enough and it certainly isn’t crazy enough. Which is why for the past few weeks Dodge have been teasing a newer updated version of the Hellcat, bringing back a name from their past Demon.

Dodge have promised that the Demon is going to be the louder more powerful and lighter bigger brother to the comparatively tame Hellcat. The Demon is said to have lost nearly 100KG over the Hellcat and is available as a single seater, for those who prefer their trips to hell be a solo affair. Whilst official stats haven’t been released people are expecting 750BHP or more, drag racing tyres and a soundtrack to wake the dead, the Demon is expected to be unveiled at the New York auto show in April.

What do you want from the more insane Challenger? Sound off in the comments

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