The Molsheim Dream Factory: The Bugatti Chiron is Born

Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2017

Bugatti have released images of where the new king of the hyper cars, the Chiron is being made. The Bugatti facility in Molsheim is in the Alsace region of France, home to Bugatti since it was founded in 1909. The Bugatti factory expects to build 70 Chirons a year with each cars taking as much as nine months from the start of configuring the car specs through production to delivery of the car. Bugatti boasts that each car is built to the customer’s personal specification making each Chiron unique.

Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2017

Each Chiron takes 20 employees to build from over 1800 parts. “Only when the customer has signed off the configuration does production planning start. The many small wheels of a complex process that runs to a strict time schedule are then set in motion.” The factory is the same one the Veyron was built in for more than ten years. The factory know features a specially made Dyno room capable of taking the Chirons 1500BHP. Bugatti struggled to test the original Veyron due to most dynos not capable of reaching the magic 1000BHP. The dyno at the factory is so powerful in fact that it can produce electricity, which it sends to the local grid in Molsheim.

Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2017

Each Chiron is hand built and Bugatti are proud to say there are no robots in sight at Molsheim, the factory doesn’t even use conveyor belts to move parts, each part of production is done by an especially skilled hand. Each Chiron is tested up to 155 miles per hour on a runway near to the factory. The Bugatti Chiron is in the best of hands throughout its journey from configuration to delivery, and Bugatti take great pride in their factory and their employees who they think are the best in the world, they see them not as engineers but as artists.

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