Alpine show off the new A110



Alpine have released new images of the new A110 set to be revealed fully at the Geneva motor show next month. The small lightweight sports car is looking to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman. The A110 takes its name from the classic Alpine of the 60’s, and the styling is clearly taking cues from the original with the large bulbous headlights and sweeping curved body.


The A110 is set to take on the Cayman, armed with a full aluminium body and experts are expecting a weight of just over 1000KG. The small lightweight sports car is making a comeback recently and Renault (who own the Alpine brand) are looking to get in on the action with the A110. Taking inspiration from the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Toyota GT86, the Alpine has smaller wheel and tyres to try to add to the drivability of the car rather than out right power and speed. The focus is fun rather the breaking records. The A110 is also expected to go on sale in mid 2018 with a price tag of just under £50,000.

What do you think of the rebirth of the Alpine brand, sound off in the comments.

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