Edd China leaves Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers

Edd China has made the decision to leave the popular television show Wheeler Dealers. In an announcement video on his YouTube channel China said “Yes, I’m afraid its true and I’m really sorry, after 13 years of making Wheeler Dealers I am now going to be leaving the show.” Wheeler Dealers is a popular car restoration show in which Mike Brewer buys classic cars in need of some attention and Edd China would show the viewer how to fix the issues with the car and bring it back to pristine condition, then Mike would return and sell the car on for a profit.

Edd’s decision to leave the show appears to be down to the new owners Velocity Channel. Velocity had decided to bring in Discovery Studios to Wheeler Dealers and get rid of the original production crew Attaboy productions who had been with the show since its inception. Velocity however was unaware of the difficulties in filming Wheeler Dealers particularly in Edds mechanic sections, the heart of the shows premise. According to Edds video Velocity had begun to ask him to cut corners on the work in order to make it easier for them to film. Edd felt this would compromise his work and with that erode his integrity and that of the show, his conclusion was that he would have to leave.

Wheeler Dealers however is set to continue. Ant Anstead star of the UK show For the Love of Cars with Philip Glenister is set to take on Edds role as chief mechanic and production of the next series is to begin shortly. Now as we’ve learned recently remaking a show isn’t as simple as just switching out the presenters, but Ant is a very capable mechanic and likeable character on camera and also has a lot of experience with a very similar formatted show the aforementioned For the Love of Cars. (Its continuation isn’t clear although another series has been filmed) If Wheeler Dealers is set to continue I feel it at least has the right people in front of the camera the only question remains is the right person behind it.

What do you think of Edd Leaving Wheeler Dealers sound off in the comments.

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