Fate of the Furious review

Full Spoilers ahead for the movie.

So I just got out of seeing the eighth instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise the Fate of the Furious and have to say my overall opinion is good, yes the movie has some pot holes along the way but overall I feel it is a good continuation of the series.

Now for the spoilers: Fast 8 sees Dom go up against his own team to protect his family. Charlize Theron’s character Cipher recruits Dom on his honeymoon in Cuba with some mysterious information that rocks Dom to his core. This information turns out to be so powerful he turns on his team and steals an EMP they have just recovered for Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). Its then we find out what Cipher has on Dom, Elena (Elsa Pataki) Doms ex girlfriend from Fast 5 and 6 has had a child that Dom didn’t know about until Cipher came along. Cipher is very intriguing in this movie and turns out to be one of the cruelest characters seen in the Fast series. Her final plan isn’t really that clear though which is where the movie falls down, Cipher has Dom steal the EMP then steal Russian nuke launch codes in New York and then tries to steal a submarine in the final part of the film. All of this and at no point does she reveal her final plan other than having a nuke. Does she mean to sell it, does she mean to hold the world to ransom, nothing is made clear.

One of the main action sequences in the film takes place in New York, where Dom steals the launch codes. It also foreshadows quite a scary future we may find ourselves in Cipher hacks into hundreds of cars and takes over there self driving functions, causing hundreds of cars to wreak havoc on New Yorks streets. This scene although epic was clearly mostly CGI and very rarely looked real. On the other side of the coin we have Doms original team of Hobbs, Letty, Tej, Ramsey and Roman who are helped by Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) and franchise newcomer Agent Eric Reisner (Scott Eastwood). The original team is fuelled by their unique chemistry and camaraderie, they are the highlight of the film as they learn to cope without Dom and learn to deal with the now good guy Deckard Shaw.

A problem the Fast franchise is continuing to have is good villains who stay villains. A lot of the villains in the past have just been faceless mug who are just there for Vin and the Rock to punch. When the series does get a good villain for the team in the very next film he turns out to be a good guy. It happened with Hobbs and now it’s happened with Deckard Shaw. The enemy of Fast 7 now is teaming up with the group as if nothing has happened and even saves Doms son from Cipher. It seems they’ve all forgotten who killed Han.

From the looks of things Fast 9 will see Cipher return as she just got away from the team in the end and now we will see them go up against each other again, with everyone playing happy families for no obvious reason. Overall I’m still a fan of the series, it took a hit when Paul Walker died but it has seemed to have rebounded. If they don’t decide to make a Fast 9 I would be fine as this seems a nice round off for the group but I also feel that Vin Diesel wants more money so it will inevitably happen.


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