The New New Top Gear, how was it?

Top GearSo we saw the end of the returning Top Gear series with another new presenter line up this week. But how has this series been and is there still a future for the show. In short yes the show is back on winning form, maybe not as it was in its prime but certainly better than the disasterous Chris Evans series.

Top Gear Bugatti ChironThe trio of Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid has been fantastic for the show and all three have shown improvement as time has gone on. The chemistry between them that was severely lacking in the previous series is starting to work its way in as well which is great. Highlights of this series include Chris Harris’ road test of the Bugatti Chiron and the eventual race against Matt was brilliant, also Harris’ review of the Ferrari FXX K was really fun and a great way to start the newly revamped series. A surprisingly enjoyable piece for me was turning a SSangyong Rodius into a yatch in the final episode of the series this weekend.Top Gear

So the big question will Top Gear be alright? And the answer, probably whilst the new series stand far in a way behind the Clarkson Hammond and May years it also stands head and shoulders above the Chris Evans series. The great thing about this series is it showed that the BBC can change its mind and mould the show around what the viewers want. What Top Gear now needs to do is settle, we’ve seen two big revamps of the show in as many years and the team has now found a solution that works for both the viewers and the team itself. They finally have a solid foundation that they can build on and grow the show to be as big as the old series was, maybe even bigger.Rory reid

What I’d like to see is more use of Rory Reid, at the moment he is being used as the normal guy driving the normal cars whereas Matt and Chris get the super cars. Rory is a talented guy and deserves the chance to show what he can do in a real car. I’d also like to see less jokes that Matts American as it seems to be his whole schtick at the moment and its getting old fast. He’s been improving slowly and has become a great host for the show but I feel he may get found out soon enough that he is just an actor.

What did you think of the new series of Top Gear, Sound off in the comments.

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