Ken Block has finally unveiled his newest gymkhana video. What makes this one different to all his other videos? This time its on dirt. Called Terrakhana, the video sees Block throwing his new 600BHP Ford Fiesta ST RX43 round the Swing arm city in Utah. Block and his Fiesta battle the dirt and the dust of the desert in an impressive drifting spectacle.

Ken Block

But I was a little underwhelmed by the video, it was an impressive show of skill by Block but so were his previous videos, which were in much more enclosed spaces making the movements more precise and more impressive. In Terrakhana Block is unlikely to hit anything major for miles around, carving the steep bowls of the Swing arm city although looking cool provides little danger and once you’ve seen it once its not as impressive the next time.

Ken Block Terrakhana

When Ken approaches a steep cliff he just drifts around it and whilst still impressive, we’ve seen it earlier in the video where he got closer to the edge of the ridge and turned at the latest possible moment, the giant cliff was meant to be the pinnacle of the video but ended up disappointing. When I saw the cliff I expected Block to jump off the edge, although realistically this would have ended in just a crater of blood oil petrol and a burning pair of DC shoes. This video had a shortage of the amazing heart stopping moments of his previous videos and lacked the edge of your seat finale we have all come to love. Hopefully Ken can return to form in his next video which will hopefully star his new twin turbo Hoonicorn V2.

What did you think of Ken’s latest Gymkhana video, sound off in the comments.

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